Hunter:  An Objective Review:

What can be said about him that hasn’t already been muttered disgustedly behind his back? A drama queen bitch who’s diva act is a thin sham to hide his worthlessness as a cheap, manipulative bastard with no morals or even a shred of compassion for the lives he’s ruined in his narcissistic egomaniacal wake, wreaking destruction even on innocent acquaintances, and taking his trauma out on those who don’t deserve such misguided viciousness.

A vindictive and vengeful soul who’s only real pleasure in life is putting himself and others through torturous pain simply by existing; pain they both have to admit they’re not in. Having to be with him is a chore. But he “believes in God,” and napping on the train tracks would be a sin, so he has to make his life a problem for the entire world. 
Neither does he attempt to better himself or atone for his brutality by offering sincere repentance and amending his ways. He shallowly professes to pray, but only spouts mere words solely for form’s sake with no sincerity or pure intention, and without giving a thought to their meaning or implementing their lessons in any way. He continually perpetuates his deluded misdeeds upon humanity, unending. 
And what does this complete and total waste choose to do with his squandered life? Just crawl into a hole and disappear like someone who professes to have faith should do,  in order to justly deprive the world of his misery? No. He has to spread his filth as far as possible with performance “art.” Arguable whether his masturbatory perversions qualify as true creation and not just the egoistic janglings of a lunatic idiot. A madman who feels his guttural moans are song; his demented screams, poetry.
God save the world from his deranged hypocritical sadistic madness. Please help those he has wounded in the past, those whos lives are now demonstrably worse for his part in them.

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