Our Ensemble

100% Organic!

Meet the other fresh-grown Believers who will help us carry out our collective dream of realizing the Ghostlight Cafe

Sean Hunter LaRocca


Hunter finished his Theatre Arts major by beginning his own theatre company, and 
as a founding member of Plain View Theatre Company, he co-produced seven plays in San Diego, then decided to flush his life further down the sewer by moving to New York City.  As expected, within a year he had already became homeless and insane.

Never fully recovering from his crazed, drunken stupor and traumatic brain injuries, he decided to cement his mental derangement by attending a two-year acting conservatory studying the Meisner Technique at William Esper Studio.

Now he’s founded this folly to prove just how deep he will sink into his egomaniacal lunatic perversions, with the stated goal of using theatre as a vehicle to affect social change and creating a reproducible & sustainable employee-owned non-profit theatre business model. 

God help those who join him. 

 LaRocca is an excellent Kynaston, portraying a wide range of emotions as his character’s life is torn apart. …Brought audiences a challenging work that both educates and titillates. If I had to grade this production, it would get an A. 

– Robert Hitchcox
North County Times

(Complete Female Stage Beauty)

 Don John, played by LaRocca with the cartoonish evil of a Nazi film villain (heel clicks, crazy cackle and all) …is fluid and faithful to the script, with an emphasis on visual comedy and gesture. 

– Pam Kragen,

North County Times

(Much Ado About Nothing)

Ryan Balfour

Artistic Director

Ryan Balfour leads the cast… whose verbal sparring hides a smoldering passion.
Balfour has the smooth likability and screwball comic charm of a Clark Gable
Pam Kragen,
North County Times

(Much Ado About Nothing)

 Ryan Balfour is the most appealing, bringing some real spirit to his role as a tough guy… 
Randy Dotinga,
San Diego Union Tribune

(Dark Rapture)
After studying at Palomar College, Ryan produced several plays as a founding member of Plain View Theatre Co.
Ryan has just done theatre when and wherever possible, and from San Diego, California to Pocatello, Idaho, “let’s just do a show!” has always been his mantra. 
A natural leading man with keen artistic instincts, Ryno has lit up stages and cameras with his signature wit, style, and charm. Ryan is the obvious choice to lead our team.

Kaylee Hawkins

Ensemble Member

Kaylee is excited to be working with Believer’s Theatre again, after acting in their piece for the Denver Fringe Fest. Kaylee graduated with her BFA in Acting/Directing in 2019, and moved to Denver to pursue her acting career in 2022. She is excited to continue her work in the Denver community in 2023 and beyond.

Jason LaRocca

Set Designer

I have known Jason longer than I have been alive. We met while gestating together. He was the greatest zygote I’d ever known, and we decided to stay friends postnatally. Since birth, Jason has gone on to many other great accomplishments. 
A natural prodigy of Computer Assisted Drafting, Jason graduated of The New School of Architecture while composing and performing music in two different bands. 
Then just for fun, he decided to marry his high-school sweetheart, buy a house in his home-town, and settle into an extremely lucrative and successful career, all while maintaining his devilish good-looks and genial boyish charm. 

rafael soto

Music Director

Rafael is a student at the Community College of Denver currently majoring in music. His most recent productions were as G in the play “12 Ophelias” and Gertrude and Claudius/ Polonius/ Shakespeare in “15 Minute Hamlet”. Rafael is absolutely thrilled to be a part of this production and is excited to perform at his first Fringe Festival. Rafael would like to thank Hunter and Ryan for giving him the opportunity to be a part of this production, he would also like to thank his friends and family for their endless support throughout his career as an actor.

Sean kruse

Sound Designer

There’s a reason we call him ‘Epic Sean’ …and it’s not because of his 180 WPM typist fingers, headshot sniper skills, devastatingly handsome mane, or laser sharp wit. 
It’s because he shreds so incredibly hard on the guitar, it creates an electro-psychic gravitational field which warps space-time so severely that a rift tears through our dimension, allowing his pure fiendish talent to pour in from the underworld.
To human ears, this creates the illusion of soundwaves blasting from the amplifier, but is actually a dark psychic energy distorting the fabric of our reality, causing the black machinations of Sean’s musical mind to be loosed upon our puny mortal plane.

Steven 'Winklman' Green

Tech-Master General

There’s a reason we call him ‘Winklman’ …but I don’t know what it is. He’s been all over the world,  has a IQ over 419, and has forgotten more than I’ll ever know, so I just do what he asks.
A tech wizard, Winklman is not only highly knowledgable about all t3h cyberzones, he also has the technical skill to diagnose and repair any software AND hardware troubles.
If he doesn’t know how to fix it, he’ll be able to learn it quickly, master it naturally, and add it  to his ever-growing repertoire of skills.


Help Us Replace This Extremely Frightening Picture of Mecha-Lincoln 

Our operation is small but there’s a lot of potential for aggressive expansion.
So which of you would like to join our team?

…..seriously, why are his cold dead eyes transfixed, staring into the black pit of my soul. Help free me from the icy grip of Giant Metal Lincoln. 

If we have more members, his doom shall not eclipse us, and he will pass once again into the realm of shadow.

Join the Believers and end his dark machinations!